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Learn Semantic HTML

Great news! We added new content to Learn HTML. The course now includes a Unit on Semantic HTML.

Why? Semantic HTML allows you to write much more readable and meaningful code, improve your site's search engine rank, and improve the accessibility of your sites.

Semantic tags tell the browser what the meaning of a page is as well as how to present the content. For example, header tags <h1> and <blockquote> are semantic HTML.

This version of HTML conforms to the latest web standards and allows you to write the most up-to-date code.

How does this impact you? If you've previously started or completed any of the HTML Course, you will notice a decline in your progress. We highly encourage you to take the new Semantic HTML unit.

For more details about what's included in this new Unit, see below.

When? The courses will be updated in Spring 2018

Semantic HTML Unit

This Unit features an introduction to some of the most popular semantic elements, as well as good practices for writing HTML with accessibility in mind.

Here are some of the new exercises:
Semantic Page Structure
Header Element
Nav Element
Main Element
Aside Element
Footer Element
Unordered Lists
Page Content
Section Element
Article Element

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